Jana Hudcová, Czech Republic

"Based on my personal experience can I declare that Sabine’s German lessons are of the top professional level with an individual and human approach, fully corresponding with the name “Das Sympathische Sprachtraining”. My German lessons with Sabine helped me essentially in my incorporation in the new company and country, she made me to “open my mind to German”… after one year of training am I able to communicate in German and that’s simply great! Sabine’s training can I very recommend..."

Stefano Tabacco, Italy

"The German training course with Sabine was exactly tailored to my requirements and expectations. She managed to keep my motivation high by choosing every time new topics which were relevant for my professional and personal experience, as well as challenging in German. I needed to learn German, ended up loving it!"

Globus und Wörterbuch

Brenda Nachla, Canada

"My German improved very much with Sabine Wiesmayer! She provided a good balance between listening, speaking, reading and writing, and the learning tools she used were taylored to fit my interests and needs perfectly!"

Tomas Baldrian, Czech Republic

"Starting to live and work in foreign country, in foreign language environment is always difficult. With the help of Ms. Wiesmayer that start was much easier. The lessons with her were very intensive, object focused and always in friendly atmosphere. Very soon I was able to follow the meetings in German and arrange all the necessary things related to expat life in Vienna."

Karin Philipson, Sweden

"To have a teacher so enthusiastic and encouraging as Mrs Wiesmayer makes learning a foreign language easy, inspiring and gives you long lasting knowledge. She mixes methods, topics and creates an atmosphere where learning is fun and efficient."

Marcelo Galliotto, Brazil

"Sabine helped me to reach a good level of German in short time from zero. She is that kind of person who loves what she does and she is always bringing new ideas to make German lessons interesting, keeping her students´ motivation. Being a foreigner is not always easy. Sabine understands that and goes beyond the books during her classes, focusing culture and day-to-day life as well in order to help her students to adapt fast and have success in the new country."